Our responsibility
The transport sector has a significant impact on the climate. As one of the leading companies in the combined transport and European freight transport sectors, we are very much aware of our responsibility with regard to the environment and future generations. Establishing and maintaining sustainable business processes is therefore a top priority at our company.

Sustainability as a core value in our business operations

We have set ourselves a clear goal – to put sustainability at the forefront of our activities. All business processes associated with our transport activities are designed in line with the principle of avoidance and reduction of CO2 emissions in order to minimise these. Wherever possible, we also make use of environmentally friendly transport modes as part of our approach to achieving this objective. Innovative strategies and a strong sense of responsibility are needed if we are to overcome both existing and future global challenges. Using our logistics expertise as a basis, we therefore continuously work on the development and implementation of climate-friendly transport solutions. Both we and our business partners share this awareness of just how important climate-friendly business activities are, which is why we are seeking to achieve the decarbonisation of the heavy-duty transport sector.