Our responsibility
The transport sector has a significant impact on the climate. As one of the leading companies in the combined transport and European freight transport sectors, we are very much aware of our responsibility with regard to the environment and future generations. Establishing and maintaining sustainable business processes is therefore a top priority at our company.

Sustainability as a core value in our business operations

We have set ourselves a clear goal – to put sustainability at the forefront of our activities. All business processes associated with our transport activities are designed in line with the principle of avoidance and reduction of CO2 emissions in order to minimise these. Wherever possible, we also make use of environmentally friendly transport modes as part of our approach to achieving this objective. Innovative strategies and a strong sense of responsibility are needed if we are to overcome both existing and future global challenges. Using our logistics expertise as a basis, we therefore continuously work on the development and implementation of climate-friendly transport solutions. Both we and our business partners share this awareness of just how important climate-friendly business activities are, which is why we are seeking to achieve the decarbonisation of the heavy-duty transport sector.

Energy efficient, consistent and modern

We focused consistently on the guiding principles of sustainability, innovation and design when we built our new corporate headquarters. Among other things, our headquarters produces its own energy, which is then stored and made available as needed by a state-of-the-art energy management system. We also implemented a building management system that links up DALI-controlled LEDs, climate control systems and solar shading and alarm systems, and aligns these with one another as well. In addition, our deployment of hydroboxes allows us to use water rather than a refrigerant as a coolant, and our central ventilation and exhaust-air system with a heat recovery feature meets the most stringent standards for energy efficiency.

Interior design with resource conservation

We have created an optimal work environment with modern and ergonomic furniture, intelligent lighting systems and innovative sound insulation. Regardless of whether our people have a task to complete on their own or need to work in a team – we have the right work area for every requirement. Our utilisation of organic, sustainable and long-lasting materials not only eases the strain on the environment; it also provides for a natural look and feel in the workplace.

REEFUEL – renewable fuel alternative

REEFUEL (bio-LNG and e-LNG) is the alternative to diesel fuel that we use for our transports. This climate-friendly fuel is produced from green hydrogen generated by wind energy and biomethane that is manufactured using certified biological waste processes. The emissions produced by REEFUEL are more than 90% lower than emissions from diesel fuel. REEFUEL offers huge potential in terms of replacing fossil fuels in heavy-duty transport, which would make environmentally friendly transport possible over the long term. Indeed, REEFUEL allows companies to lower their emissions along the entire supply chain.

Social responsibility

We offer various benefits that are designed to ensure a pleasant working atmosphere and thus a high level of satisfaction among our employees. These benefits include free lunches, the availability of different types of spaces for relaxation, and measures that promote the health of our employees. These days, the work-life balance is more important than ever, which is why we make sure our employees can structure their working hours flexibly in line with their needs and situation. Ultimately, the entire team does its part to help ensure a sustainable future, which makes their work more meaningful and also more beneficial to society as a whole. In line with this principle, we also work to strengthen the local economy and incorporate as many regional companies as possible into joint projects.

Certification of CO2 reductions

The use of combined transport in combination with REEFUEL can lead to tremendous reductions in emissions along the entire supply chain. Companies can employ carbon insetting in a targeted manner in order to avoid producing their own emissions wherever possible. This eliminates the need for separate offsetting later on – i.e. supporting external climate projects as a way to compensate for emissions that could not be avoided. Paneuropa Transport GmbH issues CO2 certificates for Scope-3 reports that show an itemised breakdown of the emissions that a company has eliminated.