Environmentally friendly logistics solutions

We're joining you on the road to climate neutrality
Numerous studies show that freight transport volumes are continuously increasing. The transport sector already accounts for a substantial proportion of harmful CO2 emissions, which is why innovative and sustainable logistics solutions urgently need to be developed for the future. We are aware of our responsibility to protect the environment and are therefore developing strategies to remove fossil fuels from the heavy-duty transport sector in a sustainable manner.

Innovative transport solutions for sustainable logistics

Our transport solutions are designed in accordance with the principles of avoidance, reduction and transport-mode shifting, and in this sense we are leading the way as a pioneer in the industry.


We are preventing emissions from being produced in the first place by efficiently and strategically combining our services and offering sophisticated telematics solutions.


By using the renewable fuel alternative REEFUEL® instead of conventional diesel fuel, we can reduce CO2 emissions from road transport by 100%.

Transport-mode shifting

We are shifting transport from road to rail in order to make freight transport safer and more sustainable in each case.

We have one clear goal here, which is to minimise CO2 emissions that adversely affect our climate. The current and future global situation calls for the development of environmentally friendly strategies that will help steer the transport sector in a sustainable direction. As one of the leading companies in the combined transport sector, we rely on the renewable fuel alternative REEFUEL®, and with it we are already offering you the opportunity to achieve virtually carbon-free transport.

Intermodal logistics

The intelligent linking of road and rail transport offers significant benefits for the environment and our customers. Our intermodal, Europe-wide transport network guarantees a high degree of planning security and safety whilst also reducing emissions by more than 70% on average.

You will find more detailed information about the benefits of combined transport here.


The renewable fuel REEFUEL® is currently the cleanest fossil-fuel alternative that is scalable and already available in sufficient quantities. The innovative fuel is made from green hydrogen produced with wind energy and biomethane created using certified biological waste processes. REEFUEL® has the potential to remove fossil fuels from the heavy-duty transport sector in a sustainable manner by avoiding emissions along the entire supply chain.

You can discover all the advantages and possible applications of REEFUEL® here.

Certification of reduced CO2 emissions

The use of combined transport alongside REEFUEL® enables us to achieve tremendous reductions in emissions along the supply chain. Businesses can prevent emissions from being produced in the first place by engaging in carbon insetting. If they do so, they will not need to subsequently adopt a separate offsetting approach – for example compensating for unavoidable emissions by supporting external climate projects. Paneuropa Transport GmbH issues CO2 certificates that show an itemised breakdown of a company’s reduced emissions. These certificates can then be used for the company’s Scope 3 reporting.

Frequently asked questions

Intermodal transport

To what extent is intermodal transport safer / more reliable?

Defined departure and journey times for rail transport ensure reliable transport schedules, without uncertainties such as traffic jams and accidents that occur on the road. In addition, rail transport offers a high degree of safety and makes it easier to comply with working time regulations for lorry drivers.

How flexible are intermodal transport concepts?

Regular and frequent departures make it possible for us to flexibly plan our transport services.

What are the advantages of intermodal transport?

The 44-tonne rule increases transport capacity, and the associated exemptions in terms of driving bans allow for greater flexibility. Using drivers and equipment more efficiently reduces costs, while reduced tolls in pre-carriage and on-carriage operations optimises cost-effectiveness. Better working hours make it easier to recruit drivers and also eliminate the need for drivers to sleep in their vehicles. This reduces road congestion and driver stress, increases the safety of transported cargo and serves to promote environmentally friendly logistics solutions.


What exactly is REEFUEL®?

REEFUEL® refers to the fuel alternative made from bio-LNG and e-LNG that Alternoil GmbH offers at all of its filling stations across Germany. The fuel is made from renewable materials and reduces CO2 emissions by up to 100% as compared to diesel fuel.

How is the fuel produced?

First, biogas is produced from non-reusable waste and residual materials, such as manure or household waste. After that, the biogas is turned into biomethane, which is then cooled down to a temperature below -160°C and thus liquefied.

Is the fuel available in sufficient quantities?

Because it is procured from around the globe, sufficient availability of the fuel is guaranteed. More fuel will be produced on a scalable basis in the heart of Europe after our own liquefaction plant – REEFUELERY – goes into operation. Existing purchase agreements guarantee freight forwarders 100% availability of REEFUEL®.

Is it more expensive to ship goods with REEFUEL®?

No – the OMR reports always show REEFUEL® as being less expensive than diesel.

How are reduced emissions certified?

Alternoil GmbH issues certificates that show the reduced CO2 emissions as compared to diesel. These certificates can then be used for a company’s Scope 3 reporting.

What is Scope 3 reporting?

Scope 3 is the third and most extensive scope for measuring emissions according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG). This category encompasses all indirect greenhouse gas emissions from sources that the reporting company does not own or directly control. One example might be purchased transport services. Here, carriers can verify the eliminated CO2 emissions to their clients by showing that they used REEFUEL® for their deliveries.