You can rely on us.

We take care of your safe LNG transport

With more than one hundred transport units, Paneuropa is the largest provider of full-service LNG logistics throughout Europe. We reliably supply numerous filling stations, the navy and industry with LNG and Bio-LNG every day.


High transport capacities

As an expert in the transport of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), Paneuropa has established itself on an emerging market. With our resilient supply concepts and all-in-one solutions, we monitor fill levels and deliver reliably at short notice, even in an emergency.

We make LNG available

As a pioneer in the field, Paneuropa has the latest technologies and safety systems for the supply of LNG. You can always rely on our special LNG tankers, standardised container solutions and cryogenic equipment.

Environmentally friendly LNG supply

In order to significantly reduce the CO2 footprint when transporting LNG and bio-LNG, we transport the alternative fuel predominantly within our rail network.