LNG transports

Environmentally friendly end-to-end efficiency for your LNG transport

On the emerging market for alternative and renewable fuels, Paneuropa specialises in the distribution of LNG, bio-LNG and synthetic LNG (eLNG).

Safe handling

The transport of Liquefied Natural Gas requires high-quality cryogenic equipment and expertise in order to comply with all safety measures at all times. This is why we only use the most modern transport units to supply our customers with LNG in an emissions-optimised manner. Our transport vehicles are equipped with pumping and measuring systems and have special safety systems to ensure safety when loading and unloading LNG.

High capacity

Thanks to our trans-shipment points and buffer storage facilities maintained throughout Germany, we can supply LNG at short notice. For the transport of LNG, the intelligent linking of rail and road is the most climate-friendly and reliable solution. Paneuropa has high capacities in combined transport and thus enables safe and punctual deliveries.

Our guarantee

We guarantee the permanent and short-notice availability of cold and high-quality LNG. From a weekly purchase quantity of just 4 tons, we supply industry, shipping and external filling stations, among others.